Lost in the Ninth
No-Hitters Broken Up in the Ninth Inning 1871-1960

By Stew Thornley

I have been tracking no-hitters broken up in the ninth inning and maintain a list of such games since 1961 (See No-hitters broken up in the ninth inning since 1961. Below is a list of games in which the first hit has been in the ninth inning from the beginning of the National Association in 1871 to 1960. Dave Smith of Retrosheet has been great as usual and provided a list of games that is complete back to 1928. For the previous years, there likely are games that haven’t been uncovered yet, and the search will continue.

No-hitters broken up in the ninth inning through 1960, along with the name of the spoiler and the number of outs when the first hit occurred. (When more than one pitcher is listed, it means the last pitcher is the one who gave up the first hit. Relief pitchers who entered a game after it was broken up are not included in the list.)

# Perfect game broken up

Note: No-hitters that did not make it into the ninth inning—such as Ed Karger’s seven-inning perfect game in 1907—are not counted in this analysis. No-hitters that made it through at least nine innings but were broken up in extra innings—such as Harvey Haddix’s perfect game through 12 innings in 1959— are counted.

Pitchers who had a no-hitter through nine innings are listed; italics indicate a perfect game.

All hits to break up the no-hitter are singles unless otherwise indicated.

1871-1874 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1875 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Joe Borden-National Association)

1876 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: George Bradley)
August 8, George Bradley, St. Louis at Louisville (National League), Joe Gerhardt (1 out)—St. Louis 3-0

1877 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1878 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1879 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1880 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Lee Richmond, John Montgomery Ward, Larry Corcoran, Pud Galvin)

1881 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
September 27, Hoss Radbourn, Providence vs. Cleveland (National League), Fred Dunlap (double-not sure of how many out)—Providence 6-0

1882 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Tony Mullane, Guy Hecker, Larry Corcoran)

1883 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Hoss Radbourn, Hugh “One Arm” Daily)

1884 (8 no-hitters through 9 innings: Al Atkinson, Ed Morris, Frank Mountain, Larry Corcoran, Pud Galvin, Dick Burns, Ed Cushman, Sam Kimber)—Kimber had 10-inning no-hitter
June 18, Hoss Radbourn, Providence vs. New York (National League), Buck Ewing (0 out)—Providence 15-0 (consecutive one-hitters for Providence)
September 1, Bill Vinton, Philadelphia vs. Detroit (National League), Henry Jones (0 out)—Philadelphia 6-2
October 4, Ed Cushman, Milwaukee vs. Boston (Union Association), Ed Callahan (0 out)—Milwaukee 2-0

1885 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: John Clarkson, Charlie Ferguson)

1886 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Al Atkinson, Adonis Terry, Matt Kilroy)
July 17, Bob Caruthers, St. Louis at Metropolitan of New York (American Association), Frank Hankinson (1 out)—St. Louis 12-2
July 27, Ed Cushman, Metropolitan of New York vs. Pittsburgh (American Association), Ed Glenn (not sure of how many out)—New York 8-1
October 7, Phenomenal Smith, Detroit at Philadelphia (National League), Ed Andrews (double-0 out)—1-1

1887 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1888 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Henry Porter, Ed Seward, Gus Weyhing)
April 28, Gus Weyhing, Athletic of Philadelphia at Brooklyn (American Association), Bill Holbert (1 out)—Athletic 5-0
August 22, Silver King, St. Louis vs. Brooklyn (American Association), Darby O’Brien (double-0 out)—St. Louis 4-2
August 22, Jersey Bakely, Cleveland at Cincinnati (American Association), Bid McPhee (1 out)—Cleveland 3-0
#September 18, Ben Sanders, Philadelphia at Chicago (National League), Gus Krock (1 out)—Philadelphia 6-0

1889 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1890 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Ledell Titcomb)
July 9, George Meakim, Louisville vs. Athletic of Philadelphia (American Association), Orator Shafer (2 out)—Louisville 3-1
August 8, Bill Hutchison, Chicago at Cleveland (National League), Will Smalley (1 out)—Chicago 7-0
September 16, Bob Hart, St. Louis at Columbus (American Association), Elton Chamberlain (0 out)—Columbus 1-0
October 5, Frank Knauss, Columbus at Louisville (American Association), Chicken Wolf (2 out)—0-0

1891 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Ted Breitenstein)

1892 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Jack Stivetts, Ben Sanders, Bumpus Jones)
May 7, Bill Hutchison, Chicago vs. New York (National League), Jim O’Rourke (1 out)—Chicago 8-0
May 17, Bill Hart, Brooklyn vs. Boston (National League), Bobby Lowe (1 out)—Brooklyn 7-0
May 26, John Clarkson, Boston vs. Louisville (National League), Hugh Jennings (2 out)—Louisville 7-0

1893 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Bill Hawke)

1894 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1895 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1896 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
July 23, Cy Young, Cleveland vs. Philadelphia (National League), Ed Delahanty (2 out)—Cleveland 2-1

1897 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Cy Young)

1898 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Ted Breitenstein, Jay Hughes, Red Donahue, Walter Thornton)
May 17, Ted Lewis, Boston vs. Brooklyn (National League), Joe Yeager (1 out)—Boston 12-0
May 22 (Game 1), Chick Fraser, Louisville vs. Brooklyn (National League), Fielder Jones (0 out)—Louisville 3-0
September 6 (Game 1), Al Maul, Baltimore at Philadelphia (National League), Duff Cooley (0 out)—Baltimore 7-1

1899 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Deacon Phillippe, Vic Willis)
September 9, Doc McJames, Brooklyn vs. Boston (National League), Hugh Duffy (2 out)—Brooklyn 4-0

1900 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Noodles Hahn)

1901 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Pete Dowling, Christy Mathewson, Earl Moore)—Moore had a no-hitter through 9 innings and gave up a hit with no out in the 10th.

1902 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Nixey Callahan)

1903 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Chick Fraser)
September 6, Doc White, Chicago vs. Cleveland (American League), Bill Bradley (double, 1 out)—Chicago 1-0 (10 innings)

1904 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Cy Young, Jesse Tannehill, Bob Wicker)—Wicker had a no-hitter through 9-1/3 innings and gave up a hit with one out in the 10th.
May 20, Jack Harper, Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia (National League), Frank Roth (0 out)—Cincinnati 10-0
September 27, Bob “Dusty” Rhoads, Cleveland vs. Boston (American League), Chick Stahl (2 out)—Cleveland 3-1

1905 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Christy Mathewson, Weldon Henley, Frank “Piano Mover” Smith, Bill Dinneen)
September 27, Carl Lundgren, Chicago vs. Brooklyn (National League), Jimmy Sheckard (2 out)—Chicago 7-2

1906 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Johnny Lush, Mal Eason, Harry McIntire)—McIntire had a no-hitter through 10-2/3 innings and gave up a hit with two out in the 11th.
May 6, Ed Walsh, Chicago vs. Cleveland (American League), Harry Bemis (0 out)—Chicago 6-0
July 4 (Game 1), Barney Pelty, St. Louis at Chicago (American League), Eddie Hahn (0 out), St. Louis 3-0
July 4 (Game 1), Lefty Leifield, Pittsburgh vs. Chicago (National League), Jimmy Slagle (0 out)—Chicago 1-0 (dual one-hitters by Leifield and Mordecai Brown)
August 3, Ed Walsh, Chicago vs. Boston (American League), Jack Hayden (1 out)—Chicago 4-0

1907 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Jeff Pfeffer, Nick Maddox)
September 26, Heinie Berger, Cleveland at New York (American League), Kid Elberfeld (0 out)—Cleveland 6-0

1908 (6 no-hitters through 9 innings: Cy Young, George “Hooks” Wiltse, Nap Rucker, Bob “Dusty” Rhoads, Frank “Piano Mover” Smith, Addie Joss)—Wiltsie had a perfect game until hitting a batter with two out in the ninth; he completed a 10-inning no-hitter.
September 29 (Game 1), Howie Camnitz, Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis (National League), Champ Osteen (1 out)—Pittsburgh 7-0

1909 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Leon “Red” Ames)—Ames had a no-hitter through 9-1/3 innings on Opening Day and gave up a hit with one out in the 10th.
July 28, Jim Pastorius, Brooklyn at Philadelphia (National League), Leon “Doc” Martel (triple-1 out)—Pittsburgh 4-0
July 31 (Game 1), Bill Burns, Chicago at Washington (American League), Otis Clymer (2 out), Chicago 1-0

1910 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Addie Joss, Charles Albert Bender, Tom Hughes)—Hughes had a no-hitter through 9-1/3 innings and gave up a hit with one out in the 10th.
July 19, Russ Ford, New York vs. St. Louis (American League), Danny Hoffman (1 out)—New York 5-1

1911 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Smoky Joe Wood, Ed Walsh)
July 7, Joe Wood, Boston at St. Louis (American League), Burt Shotton (0 out)—Boston 6-1
July 22, Nap Rucker, Brooklyn vs. Cincinnati (National League), Bob Bescher (2 out)—Brooklyn 1-0
#August 16, Elmer Steele, Pittsburgh at Brooklyn (National League), Tex Erwin (1 out)—Pittsburgh 9-0
September 9 (Game 2), Gene Woodburn, St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh (National League), Vin Campbell (1 out)—St. Louis 7-2

1912 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: George Mullin, Earl Hamilton, Jeff Tesreau)

1913 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1914 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Joe Benz, George “Iron” Davis, Ed Lafitte, Jim Scott)—Scott had a no-hitter through 9 innings and gave up a hit with no out in the 10th.
May 16, Jeff Tesreau, New York at Pittsburgh (National League), Joe Kelly (2 out)—New York 2-0
June 2, Wiley Taylor, St. Louis at Cleveland (American League), Terry Turner (0 out)—St. Louis 3-0
June 10, Joe Benz, Chicago vs. Washington (American League), Eddie Ainsmith (0 out)—Chicago 2-0
June 17, Urban Faber, Chicago vs. Philadelphia (American League), Jack Lapp (0 out)—Chicago 5-0

1915 (6 no-hitters through 9 innings: Rube Marquard, Frank Allen, Claude Hendrix, Alex Main, Jimmy Lavender, Dave Davenport)
April 14 (Opening Day), Herb Pennock, Philadelphia vs. Boston (American League), Harry Hooper (2 out)— Philadelphia 2-0
June 5, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Philadelphia at St. Louis (National League), Art Butler (2 out)—Philadelphia 3-0

1916 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Tom Hughes, George “Rube” Foster, Bullet Joe Bush, Dutch Leonard)
April 21, Bob Groom, St. Louis vs. Cleveland (American League), Elmer Smith (double-1 out)—St. Louis 11-1
August 8 (Game 2), Eddie Plank, St. Louis vs. Washington (American League), Eddie Foster (double-1 out)—St. Louis 9-1

1917: (7 no-hitters through 9 innings: Ed Cicotte, George Mogridge, Fred Toney, Jim “Hippo” Vaughn, Ernie Koob, Bob Groom, Ernie Shore)—Vaughn had a no-hitter through 9-1/3 innings in the same game that Toney pitched a no-hitter and lost the no-hitter with one out in the 10th. Shore for many years had been credited with a perfect game, but it was changed officially in 1991 to a combined no-hitter with Babe Ruth, although Ruth did not retire a batter in the game.

1918 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Dutch Leonard)
May 6, Dan Griner, Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia (National League), Gavy Cravath (2 out)—Brooklyn 2-0

1919 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Hod Eller, Ray Caldwell)

1920 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Walter Johnson)

1921 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1922: (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Charley Robertson, Jesse Barnes)
May 22, Bill Bayne, St. Louis at Detroit (American League), Larry Woodall (0 out)—St. Louis 6-1

1923 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Sad Sam Jones, Howard Ehmke)
June 3, Tiny Osborne, Chicago at Cincinnati (National League), Jake Daubert (1 out)—Chicago 4-3
June 17, Dazzy Vance, Brooklyn at Cincinnati (National League), Sammy Bohne (2 out)—Brooklyn 9-0

1924 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Jess Haines)

1925 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Dazzy Vance)
September 19 (Game 2), Ted Lyons, Chicago at Washington (American League)—Bobby Veach (2 out), Chicago 17-0

1926 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Ted Lyons)

1927 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1928 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1929 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Carl Hubbell)
Bill Walker, New York at Brooklyn (National League), Johnny Frederick (double-0 out)—New York 6-2

1930 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
July 15, 1930, Rube Walberg/Ed Rommel, Philadelphia at St. Louis (American League), Ralph “Red” Kress (1 out)—Philadelphia 11-6

1931 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Wes Ferrell, Bob Burke)

1932 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
#August 5, Tommy Bridges, Detroit vs. Washington (American League), Dave Harris (2 out)—Detroit 13-0

1933 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
May 4, Lefty Gomez, New York at Detroit (American League), Charlie Gehringer (home run-0 out)—New York 5-2
June 13, Whitlow Wyatt, Chicago vs. St. Louis (American League), Ted Gullic (2 out)—Chicago 6-1
August 29 (Game 2), Monte Pearson, Cleveland vs. Washington (American League), Ossie Bluege (0 out)—Cleveland 7-2
September 24 (Game 1), Tommy Bridges, Detroit vs. St. Louis (American League), Art Scharein (1 out)—Detroit 2-1

1934 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Paul Dean, Bobo Newsom)—Newsom had a no-hitter through 9-2/3 innings and gave up a hit with two out in the 10th.
April 17 (Opening Day), Lon Warnecke, Chicago at Cincinnati (National League), Adam Comorosky (1 out)—Chicago 6-0
May 28 (Game 1), Larry French, Pittsburgh at New York (American League), Jo-Jo Moore (1 out)—New York—3-2 (11 innings)
May 30 (Game 1), Earl Whitehill, Washington at New York (American League), Ben Chapman (1 out)—Washington 1-0

1935 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Vern Kennedy)
July 20 (Game 1), Carl Fischer, Chicago at Washington (American League), Ossie Bluege (1 out)—Chicago 1-0

1936 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1937 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Bill Dietrich)

1938 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Johnny Vander Meer, Johnny Vander Meer, Monte Pearson)

1939 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
Ken Chase, Washington vs. Cleveland (American League), Skeeter Webb (0 out)—Washington 2-0

1940 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Bob Feller, Tex Carleton)
June 21, Sid Hudson, Washington at St. Louis (American League), Rip Radcliff (double-0 out)—Washington 1-0

1941 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Lon Warneke)
April 22, Bill Dietrich, Chicago at Detroit (American League), Hank Greenberg (1 out)—Chicago 6-3
May 10 (Game 2), Bill Lohrman, New York vs. Boston (National League), Johnny Cooney (1 out)—New York 4-2
#August 17 (Game 2), Whitlow Wyatt, Brooklyn at Boston (National League, Phil Masi (1 out)—Brooklyn 3-0

1942 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
June 8, Paul Derringer, Cincinnati vs. Boston (National League), Buddy Gremp (0 out)—Cincinnati 3-1
August 11 (Game 1), Al Milnar, Cleveland vs. Detroit (American League), Doc Cramer (2 out)—0-0 (14 innings)

1943 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)
July 8, Orval Grove, Chicago vs. New York (American League), Joe Gordon (double-2 out)—Chicago 1-0

1944 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Jim Tobin, Clyde Shoun)
September 17 (Game 2), Rufe Gentry, Detroit at Cleveland (American League), Lou Boudreau (0 out)—Detroit 3-0

1945 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Dick Fowler)

1946 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Ed Head, Bob Feller)

1947 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Ewell Blackwell, Don Black, Bill McCahan)
June 22 (Game 1), Ewell Blackwell, Cincinnati vs. Brooklyn (National League), Eddie Stanky (1 out)—Cincinnati 4-0 (Would have been Blackwell’s second consecutive no-hitter)
August 26, Phil Marchildon, Philadelphia at Cleveland (American League), George “Catfish” Metkovich (1 out)—Philadelphia 2-1 (12)
October 3, Floyd “Bill” Bevens, New York at Brooklyn (World Series), Cookie Lavagetto (double-2 out)—Brooklyn 3-2

1948 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Bob Lemon, Rex Barney)

1949 (0 no-hitters through 9 innings)

1950 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Vern Bickford)
September 2, Ewell Blackwell, Cincinnati at Chicago (National League), Phil Cavarretta (0 out)—Cincinnati 5-1

1951 (4 no-hitters through 9 innings: Cliff Chambers, Bob Feller, Allie Reynolds, Allie Reynolds)
August 27 (Game 1), Ralph Branca, Brooklyn vs. Pittsburgh (National League), Pete Casatiglione (0 out)—New York 5-0

1952 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Virgil Trucks, Carl Erskine, Virgil Trucks)
April 26, Art Houtteman, Detroit vs. Cleveland (American League), Harry Simpson (2 out)—Detroit 13-0
May 2, Turk Lown vs. Brooklyn (National League), Billy Cox (0 out)—Brooklyn 3-1

1953 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Bobo Holloman)
August 6, Harvey Haddix, St. Louis vs. Philadelphia (National League), Richie Ashburn (0 out)—St. Louis 2-0
August 8 (Game 2), Bob Kuzava, New York vs. Chicago (American League), Bob Boyd (double-1 out)—New York 3-0

1954 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Jim Wilson)
April 21, Bob Turley, Baltimore vs. Cleveland (American League), Al Rosen (1 out)—Cleveland 2-1
July 4, Mike Garcia/Ray Narleski/Early Wynn, Cleveland vs. Chicago (American League), Minnie Minoso (2 out)—Cleveland 2-1
September 25, 1954, Early Wynn, Cleveland vs. Detroit, Fred Hatfield (0 out)—Cleveland 11-1

1955 (1 no-hitter: Sam Jones)
April 13 (Opening Day), Robin Roberts, Philadelphia vs. New York (National League), Alvin Dark (1 out)—Philadelphia 4-2
May 21, Warren Hacker, Chicago at Milwaukee (National League), George Crowe (home run-1 out)—Chicago 2-1
July 23, Jim Hearn, New York vs. Cincinnati (National League), Chuck Harmon (1 out)—New York 2-0
September 11 (Game 1), Johnny Klippstein, Cincinnati vs. Brooklyn, Pee Wee Reese (1 out)—Cincinnati 9-0

1956 (5 no-hitters: Carl Erskine, Mel Parnell, Sal Maglie, Don Larsen, Johnny Klippstein/Hershell Freeman/Joe Black)—Klippstein/Freeman/Black had a no-hitter through 9-2/3 innings before Black gave up a two-out double in the 10th.
May 12, Don Ferrarese. Baltimore at New York (American League), Andy Carey (0 out)—Baltimore 1-0

1957 (1 no-hitter: Bob Keegan)
April 21, Jim Wilson, Chicago vs. Kansas City (American League), Hector Lopez (1 out)—Chicago 1-0 (10 innings)

1958 (2 no-hitters through 9 innings: Jim Bunning, Hoyt Wilhelm)
#June 27, Billy Pierce, Chicago vs. Washington (American League), Ed Fitz Gerald (double-2 out)—Chicago 3-0

1959 (1 no-hitter through 9 innings: Harvey Haddix)—Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings before his perfect game was broken up with an error with no out and his no-hitter with a double with one out in the 13th inning.
July 4 (Game 2), Bob Turley, New York vs. Washington (American League), Julio Becquer (0 out)—New York 7-0
July 17, Ralph Terry, New York vs. Chicago (American League), Jim McAnany (1 out)—Chicago 2-0

1960 (3 no-hitters through 9 innings: Don Cardwell, Lew Burdette, Warren Spahn)

In dispute
May 9, 1885, Guy Hecker/Phil Reccius, Louisville vs. Baltimore (American Association), Tim Manning (not sure of how many out)—Louisville 9-1 (In dispute: The Courier-Journal of Louisville reports that Hecker pitched seven hitless innings and that Reccius relieved in the eighth and gave up the hit to Manning that inning; other reports indicate that Reccius relieved in the ninth and gave up the hit then.)

August 13, 1901 (Game 1), Earl Moore, Cleveland vs. Chicago (American League), Joe Sugden (1 out)—Cleveland 4-0. (It is unclear on if Sugden’s hit was the first of the game. Retrosheet has Sugden with one hit and William Hoy with two although the box score in the Chicago Tribune shows Sugden’s hit as the only hit for Chicago. However, the game story says, “ . . . until the eighth inning only one man had been able to land on the ball safely, and his hit was of a scratchy nature. But in the ninth Chicago managed to stop Moore in his record-breaking role and slammed two more hits through the infield.”)

September 25, 1906 Otto Hess, Cleveland vs. Philadelphia (American League), Jack Coombs (0 out)—Cleveland 5-0 (The Philadelphia Inquirer game story seems to indicate that Bris Lord reached base on a hard-hit ball off George Stovall in the second inning and has the box score with a hit for Lord and no error for Stovall; however, another source has only a hit for Coombs and an error on Stovall, indicating that a scoring change may have been made.)

May 25, 1908, Bill Burns, Washington vs. Detroit (American League), Germany Schaefer (2 out)—Detroit 1-0. (The Detroit Free Press shows Detroit with three hits and indicates that at least one came in the top of the third when Detroit scored the only run of the game. In addition to Schaefer, Fred Payne and Jerry Downs had hits. The Washington Post, which has a hit only for Shaefer, reported said that Delahanty made a misplay on Payne’s grounder and that on a bunt by Downs, Burns made a bad throw to first, which allowed Downs to reach base and Payne to score. The New York Times has hits for Schaefer, Payne, and Downs. It’s possible that there were scoring changes made after the game.)

August 2, 1911, King Cole, Chicago vs. Brooklyn (National League), Eddie Zimmerman (double-2 out)—Chicago 1-0 (10 innings).. The Chicago Tribune says the hit came with two out in the eighth. The Chicago Tribune and Brooklyn Eagle also list a bunt single for Daubert, although the New York Times has the play as an error on King Cole.

August 16, 1915, (Game 2), Bernie Boland, Detroit vs. Cleveland (American League), Ben Paschal (2 out)—Detroit 3-1; Detroit Free Press says hit was with two out in the eighth.

151 no-hitters through the first 9 innings from 1871-1960.

105 no-hitters
51 confirmed that were broken up in the ninth

Broken up with:
0 out: 18
1 out: 15
2 out:15
(3 games not sure of how many out)

46 no-hitters
41 broken up in the ninth—52.9 percent survived the ninth

Broken up with:
0 out: 14
1 out: 19—63.0 percent survived after making it to one out in the ninth
2 out: 8—85.2 percent survived after making it to two out in the ninth

All-time Perfect Games through Nine Innings and Perfect Games Broken Up in the Ninth Inning

Perfect Games through Nine Innings
Lee Richmond June 12, 1880
John Montgomery Ward June 17, 1880
Cy Young May 5. 1904
Addie Joss October 2, 1908
Charley Robertson April 30, 1922
Don Larsen October 8, 1956
Harvey Haddix May 26, 1959 (perfect for 12; error with no out in 13th and hit with one out in 13th)
Jim Bunning June 21, 1964
Sandy Koufax September 9, 1965
Jim �Catfish� Hunter May 8, 1968
Len Barker May 15, 1981
Mike Witt September 30, 1984
Tom Browning September 16, 1988
Dennis Martinez July 28, 1991
Kenny Rogers July 28, 1994
Pedro Martinez June 3, 1995 (perfect for 9; hit with no out in 10th)
David Wells May 17, 1998
David Cone June 18, 1999
Randy Johnson May 18, 2004
Mark Buehrle July 23, 2009
Dallas Braden May 9, 2010
Roy Halladay May 29, 2010
Philip Humber April 21, 2012
Matt Cain June 13, 2012
Felix Hernandez August 15, 2012

Perfect Games Broken Up in the Ninth Inning
Ben Sanders September 18, 1888 (hit with one out)
George “Hooks” Wiltse July 4, 1908 (hit batter with two out in ninth; completed 10-inning no-hitter)
Elmer Steele August 16, 1911 (hit with one out)
Tommy Bridges August 5, 1932 (hit with two out)
Whitlow Wyatt August 17, 1941—Game 2 (hit with one out)
Billy Pierce June 27, 1958 (hit with two out)
Jack Kralick August 26, 1962 (walk with one out; completed no-hitter)
Larry Dierker September 30, 1966 (hit with no out)
Tom Seaver July 9, 1969 (hit with one out)
Milt Pappas September 2, 1972 (walk with two out; completed no-hitter)
Jim Palmer June 16, 1973 (hit with one out)
Ken Brett May 27, 1974—Game 1 (hit with no out)
Jim Clancy September 28, 1982—Game 1 (hit with no out)
Milt Wilcox April 15, 1983 (hit with two out)
Don Carman August 20, 1986 (hit with no out)
Ron Robinson May 2, 1988 (hit with two out)
Tom Browning July 4, 1989 (hit with no out)
Dave Stieb August 4, 1989 (hit with two out)
Brian Holman April 20, 1990 (hit with two out)
Mike Mussina May 30, 1997 (hit with one out)
Mike Mussina September 2, 2001 (hit with two out)
Scott Baker August 31, 2007—Game 2 (walk with no out and hit with one out)
Armando Galarraga June 2, 2010 (hit with one out)
Travis Wood July 10, 2010 (hit with no out)
Yu Darvish April 2, 2013 (hit with two out)
Yusmeiro Petit September 6, 2013 (hit with two out)
Max Scherzer June 20, 2015 (hit batter with two out in ninth; completed no-hitter)
Rich Hill August 23, 2017 (error with no out in ninth; hit with no out in 10th)
Jorge Lopez September 8, 2018 (walk and hit with no out)
Ryne Stanek/Ryan Yarbrough July 14, 2019 (hit with no out)
Mike Leake July 19, 2019 (hit with no out)

All-time No-Hitters Broken Up in Extra Innings
Earl Moore May 9, 1901 (with no out in 10th)
Bob Wicker June 11, 1904 (with one out in 10th)
Harry McIntire August 1, 1906 (with two out in 11th)
Leon “Red” Ames April 15, 1909 (with one out in 10th)
Tom Hughes August 30, 1910—Game 2 (with one out in 10th)
Jim Scott May 14, 1914 (with no out in 10th)
Jim “Hippo” Vaughn May 2, 1917 (with one out in 10th)
Bobo Newsom September 18, 1934 (with two out in 10th)
Johnny Klippstein/Hershell Freeman/Joe Black May 26, 1956 (with two out in 10th)
Harvey Haddix May 26, 1959 (perfect game stopped by error with no out in the 13th; no hitter broken with double with one out in the 13th)
Jim Maloney June 14, 1965 (with no out in 11th)
Mark Gardner July 26, 1991 (with no out in 10th)
Pedro Martinez June 3, 1995 (perfect game and no-hitter broken up with hit with no out in 10th)

All-time No-hitters Completed through 10 Innings
Sam Kimber October 4, 1884 (completed 10-inning no-hitter)
Harry McIntire August 1, 1906 (lost no-hitter with two out in 11th)
George “Hooks” Wiltse July 4, 1908 (completed 10-inning no-hitter)
Fred Toney May 2, 1917 (completed 10-inning no-hitter)
Harvey Haddix May 26, 1959 (lost perfect game by an error with no out in 13th and lost no-hitter with one out in the 13th)
Jim Maloney June 14, 1965 (lost no-hitter with no out in 11th)
Jim Maloney August 19, 1965 (completed 10-inning no-hitter)
Francisco Cordova (9 innings) and Ricardo Rincon (1 inning) July 12, 1997 (completed 10-inning no-hitter)

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