Baseball All-Name Team

First Base: Pete LaCock, Joe Adcock, Mike Sweeney, Nippy Jones

Second Base: Yank Robinson, Rusty Peters, Chris Clapinski, Chuck Knoblauch

Shortstops: George Bone, Woodie Held, Pebbly Jack Glasscock, Bill Keister, Neal Ball, A-Rod

Third Base: Josh Booty, Mike Blowers, Billy Cox, Ferd Eunick, Smut Aderholt, Cole Fuecker (from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School, made Minnesota All-State team in 2019)

Outfield: Rusty Kuntz, Lance Johnson, Virgin Cannell, Kosuke Fukudome, Johnny Dickshot, Ty Pickup, Dick Hunt, Seymour Studley, Randy Bush, L. J. Hoes, Pussy Tebeau, Lonnie Fukofuka, Tit Willis, Peyton Burdick, Dick Paradise

Catchers: Tony Suck, Bernie Hungling, B. J. Surhoff, Dink O’Brien, Dick Male, Harry Cheek

Pitchers: Cannonball Titcomb, Ed Head, Pud Galvin, Dave Morehead, Fred Woodcock, Oral Hildebrand, Dick Pole, Mike Overy, Joe Bush, Jim Hardin, Mel Harder, Randy Johnson, Dick Burns, Dick Cox, Gene Brabender, Kim Seaman, Eugene “Rubber” Krapp, Boof Bonser, Andy Pettitte, Dan Pfister, Brad Hand, Rollie Fingers, Jay Baller, Buck Hooker, Rich Harden, Dick Woodson, Dick Ricketts, J. J. Putz, Antonio Bastardo, Dick Starr, Wilbur Wood, Chien-Ming Wang, Brad Boxberger, Dick Hyde, Brad Peacock, Brooks Pounders, Hank Boney, Dick Hoover, Steve Sharts, Dick Lovelady, Dick Lines, Wei-Chung Wang, Dick Wantz, Harry Butts, Tug McGraw, Dick Oyler

Pinch Hitter/Coach: Dick “Stubby” Clapp

Pinch Runner: Boob Fowler

Utility Player: Mike Hunt

Manager: Harry Diddlebock

Northwoods League Manager: Trevor Hairgrove (Rochester Honkers)

College Coaches: Dick Busch (Gonzaga, 1962-1967), Dick Nutt (Macalester 1906)

College/Amateur Player: Harry Peter “Bud” Grant

Minor League Manager: Ralph Dick

Trainers: Kent Biggerstaff, Dick Cummings (Iowa Cubs)

Teams: Yakult Swallows, Portland Beavers, New York Yanks, South Carolina Gamecocks, Westend 69’ers of Germany

Sportswriters: Ed Bang, Gordon Cobbledick. J. J. Alcock, Peter Schmuck, Robert Creamer, Dom Forker

Associated Press Writer: Dick Couch

Minnesota Sports Columnist: Dick Seal

President of Minnesota Baseball Association Board: Dick Putz

Umpires: Shag Crawford, John Clapp

Owners/Executives: Cum Posey, Phil Ball, Judge Fuchs, Dick Balderson, Bob Nutting

Union Official: Dick Moss

Steroid Overseer: Dick Pound

Birthplace: Intercourse, Pennsylvania, for Federal League pitcher John McGraw (birth name Roy Hoar)

Record: Joe Hauser’s American Association and Bob Crues’s West Texas-New Mexico League single-season home run records of 69

Disgraced Executive of a Corrupt Company (Enron) that Once Had the Naming Rights to a Ballpark: Ken Lay

Baseball Promoter and Governor of Oklahoma: Kevin Stitt

Sports Psychologist: Blake Pindyck

Ex-Girlfriend of a Boyhood Buddy of a Society for American Baseball Research Member: Barb Sass

Notable Fan: Emory Titman

Famous Plays: Merkle’s Boner, Snodgrass’s Muff

Charlie FurbushTrade: Charlie Furbush for Doug Fister

Team Hotel: Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee

Spoonerisms: Buck Farmer, Stine Poole, Richie Ashburn, Jazz Chisholm

Typographical Error Waiting to Happen: Dick Such

Nickname: Rich “Dick Mountain” Hill

Award: Arnold Mycock Trophy for the Cape Cod League championship

Chronicler of the 1888-1889 Spalding World Tour: Harry Palmer

Publisher of a Music Company with a Song about the Spalding World Tour: Wm. Boner

Defense Lawyer for Sports Reprobates: Rusty Hardin

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